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Poker Night 2 (2013) Download Torrent

  • Release date: 2013
  • Genre: Puzzle / Games 2013
  • Developer: Telltale Games
  • Game version: 2013.4.24.22527
  • Interface language: English
  • Voice language: English
  • Tablet: Sewn
  • Publication type: RePack by T_ONG_BAK_J

Game Review

Poker Night 2 is a poker video game developed by Telltale Games. It is the sequel to Poker Night at the Inventory and, like its predecessor, features crossover characters from different franchises. 
The game was released for Steam, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in April 2013, with an iOS version released the following month. Due to expiring licenses, the game was pulled from sale in September 2018.
Like the original game, Poker Night 2 is a computer-based poker simulation between an unseen participant (the player) and four characters. Each player starts with the same amount of virtual money, and competes in standard poker rules to try to eliminate all the other players by exhausting their money. In addition to Texas hold 'em style of play, Poker Night 2 includes Omaha hold 'em as well.
The four additional characters in addition to the player are Sam from the Sam & Max franchise (voiced by David Nowlin), who is assisted by Max (voiced by David Boat), Brock Samson from The Venture Bros. (voiced by Patrick Warburton), Ash Williams from The Evil Dead franchise (voiced by Danny Webber), and Claptrap from the Borderlands series (voiced by David Eddings). 
GLaDOS (voiced by Ellen McLain) from the Portal series takes a supporting role as the dealer. During the hands, these characters provide humorous chatter between each other and towards the player. 

Video Gameplay


Gameplay screenshot from Poker Night 2 Gameplay screenshot from Poker Night 2 PC game Gameplay screenshot from Poker Night 2 full game Gameplay screenshot from Poker Night 2 RePack by T_ONG_BAK_J

System Requirements

  • OS: Microsoft Windows XP / 7 / 8
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV 2.0 GHz
  • Memory: 3 GB
  • Graphics: 512 MB
  • Storage: 491 MB

How to install the game Poker Night 2?

  1. Disable your antivirus! It can block files necessary for the game!
  2. Download the file and run the torrent client
  3. Wait for the download to finish
  4. Open «Setup.exe» in the game folder
  5. Follow the instructions of the installer
  6. Enjoy the game!

Poker Night 2 Free Download Game

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